Millen's Journal

A small leather bound book, found in the village of Ilnscrag.


Entry 1

When searching through the journal looking for information regarding their investigations into the temple in the east, this entry was discovered:

Another of these damnable dreams awoke me in the night. I can still see it when I close my eyes. Fire! An inferno in the East! The earth trembles and flames lick at the sky! But this was stronger and more vivid than the usual nonsense that crowds my mind. It felt more distant, despite that. I can almost feel my own presence in these phantom memories and that feeling was absent this time. What does that mean?? THE QUEEN OF RAVENS TAKE THAT UGLY LITTLE WITCH.


This is the personal journal of Millen, a half-elf who led a band of mercenaries to overtake the village of Ilnscrag and the local outpost of the knightly guard of Arislen. Millen had been cursed with limited foresight, and often wrote about the visions he had in this book.

It was found in the drawer of a desk on the second story of a house in Ilnscrag that Millen’s mercenaries had taken over as their base of operations in the town.

Millen's Journal

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