Journeybooks are enchanted tomes used to communicate at a distance.


The construction of a journeybook includes the bonding of the book to another, sister book. Both books must be present in order to create this bond. A book may be bonded to any number of other journeybooks.

Anyone who is in possession of a journeybook may use it to communicate with the owner of the book it is bonded to by writing on a blank page. Whatever is written will also appear on the matching page in all books bonded with the one being written in. Thus, all bonded journeybooks remain exact copies of those they are bonded too.


The use of journeybooks is not common, due to the combined rarity of both books and magically infused artifacts. They are most common among the wealthiest citizens of the Vale, and those trained in the art of their creation.

An exception to this is their existence among the military of the three cities and some wealthy guilds.


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