Winter Court of Faerie

Each Court in the Court of Seasons reflects the spirit of the world during the time of its rule, and is aligned or attuned to one of the four elements. The Winter Court is aloof, harsh, unforgiving, and is associated with the element of air. The patron goddess of the Winter Court is the Raven Queen.

These are the five major noble houses of the Winter Court, each with a longstanding family tradition that defines their niche in the Court of Seasons society:

House Ravaresh – the house of the current Winter King, known for their brash strength of arms
House Allytar – known for their prodigious martial and arcane talents
House Tankivin – known for their devout piety and herbalists
House Savorin – known for their subtlety and uncanny ability to gather information
House Dreschyll – known for their masterful smithing and craftsmanship

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Winter Court of Faerie

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