The Other People of the Vale

Note — The following is written from the perspective of an in-world character.

Of course, the Vale is home to more than elves and humans. Though, to hear the humans tell it, the world revolves around them. The other people – who were here before them – are footnotes in their grand tales. But the Vale has been populated for as long as memory can tell, and the longest memories come from those who have been here longest — the treants.

I’ve only spoken with one in my time, but she told me she remembers when it was just the trees and the wind. The first people she remembers are the fey: the goblins, the wilden, gnomes, and changelings. Then came the dwarves, and the orcs, and the goliaths. The elves were last to arrive, reluctant to leave their homes in Faerie, but eventually compelled by their natural curiosity. That’s probably what drove them to befriend the humans: their shared curiosity.

Now and then you’ll hear tell of elemental spirits, too, and then there’s the creatures that tend to keep to small groups or end up joining other communities, like trolls, and halflings.

Many goblins took to the hills and low mountains in the east, north of the Dragon’s Marsh, working them for raw materials. They were joined later by dwarves, and together they created the golems, machines and elemental beings given life from magic. They created the warforged to help fight the Citadel in the north. The orcs settled first in the hills in the west, though many drifted down into the grassy plains. The goliaths – as far as anyone can tell – came from the mountains in the east. In rare moments of affability, they speak of a large lake where they spoke with elementals. Oh, and I would be remiss if I did not mention the eladrin, the cousins of the elves, and their kin the drow. Mostly they keep to Faerie, but now and then you might find one wandering the world. The other people tend to go wherever their feet take them. Wanderlust certainly tends to draw folk to, from, and within the Vale.

Now, even tree kin don’t remember everything, and sometimes you may hear tell that there were a people here before Faerie opened its walls to the middle world. I can’t confirm that for certain, but if wanderlust has you in its grips too, my advice is you find yourself a company and sign on. Best way to find something is to look for it yourself, I say. Even with all the creatures crowding the Vale, seems there’s always something new turning up!

The Other People of the Vale

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