The High Courts of Faerie

Seelie unseelie

The Seelie Court

Ruled by the Summer Court, and, to a lesser extent, the Spring Court, the fae of the Seelie Court are those who are of a generally amicable predisposition. Despite this, they are prone to mischief and are known to overreact (by non-faerie standards) to situations.

The Seelie Court fae freely visit the Middle World, and are generally welcomed there. The Court is primarily populated by eladrin, elves, gnomes, and hobgoblins.

Well Known Seelie Court Fae

Queen Titania and King Oberon are the perpetual rulers of the Summer Court, though they mostly rule by proxy, leaving the day-to-day workings of the court to the lesser nobles.

Puck is one such Summer Court noble — perhaps the most well known — and a honored member of Titania’s court.

Ariel, a wayward Spring Court fae, is said to have found himself caught up in the dealings of some powerful human arcanists.

Magic of the Seelie

The fae of the Summer and Spring courts often favor spells of conjuration and elemental fire magic in addition to the illusory and nature magic that all fae are innately drawn to.

The Unseelie Court

The fae of the Unseelie Court tend towards malevolence, and are guided by the lords of the Winter and Autumn Courts. The Unseelie fae are often merciless and are likely to be aggressive without provocation.

Most people in the Middle World know to avoid involvement with the Unseelie, though doing so can prove difficult when such fae may freely lie and mislead those they interact with. Eladrin, changelings, drow, and spriggans are the most populous fae among the Unseelie.

Well Known Unseelie Court Fae

Queen Mab was a former matriarch of the Winter Court. She is rumored to still live, somewhere in the far reaches of Faerie. Some say she now styles herself as the Queen of Air and Darkness.

Morgan is a noble of note from the Autumn Court who is known to delight in meddling in the affairs of humans, especially nobles, often with the goal of humiliating them.

Magic of the Unseelie

The fae of the Winter and Autumn courts often favor spells of storm and cold elemental magic in addition to the illusory and nature magic that all fae are innately drawn to.

The Courtless

Some fae prefer to go about their own business and not get involved in the politics of the Courts. These fae are known as Courtless. While they may be found in small numbers among either the Seelie or Unseelie, for the most part they go their own ways. Goblins are the most common Courtless fae, though treants, wilden, hags, dryads, satyrs, nymphs, and many other “lesser” fae are Courtless as well.

The Shadow Courts

There are things in Faerie that not even the fae of the Unseelie courts deign to dabble in. The realm is home to both dreams and nightmares and none more personify the latter than the Shadow Courts. Nebulous and not well understood, existing on the fringes of Faerie are creatures of darkness and gloom. It is said that Lolth reigns over these enigmatic lands and creatures. Rumors claim that some of the other Fae gods may have some influence in this aspect of Faerie, too, however.

Although the shadow realm exists within the context of Faerie, most things that come from it are not considered to be fae in nature.

Magic of the Shadows

Shadow magic is not magic at all. Not as it is understood by wizards or clerics, nor even druids. Instead, shadow magic requires a sacrifice of part of oneself to the shadow in exchange for the ability to shape it or to gain from the dark benefits it offers.

The High Courts of Faerie

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