The Fae Woods

It is into this forest that the elves first stepped when they left Faerie centuries ago. The barrier between that realm and the middle world is thinnest here.

The woods are dense with treants, and are also home to small populations of satyrs, dryads, nymphs, and other woodland fae. The woods are deemed haunted and dangerous by most common folk as a result, and few dare to tread too deeply into beyond the edges of the forest.

Those who do find the woods eerily beautiful. Small creeks, run-off from the Marsh to the east, meander here and there under the boughs of the ancient trees, joining together to form small streams and rivers, all of which flow to one point. The elven city of Meyslann is built on this conjunction and from there the water cascades down three waterfalls into three separate rivers.

Two rivers flow down and break apart again further to the west. The middle river finds its end in a lake1.

The safest passage into the forest is via a road from the city of Arislen, a recent addition. The road, more properly defined as it heads south from its point of origin, becomes more of a dirt path beyond the low, rolling hills to the north of the woodland. It is still relatively easy to follow and the fae are less likely to trouble those who travel this route, though travelers are still warned to not stray far off the path.

The Fae Woods

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