Notices and Reminders

Notes From The Desk Of DM Draco Wayfarer

Alternate sources of Experience Points

  • For writing up a PC’s background and adding it to their character page, that player’s PC gets 20 XP, the equivalent of a minor quest. Bonus: 10 XP for adding a character portrait.
  • For every Adventure Log (of reasonable length) written by a player, that player’s PC gets 2% of the XP total to the next level. For example, at level 1, an Adventure Log entry is worth 20 XP. Limit: One Log entry per game session.
  • Writing additional Wiki pages (of reasonable length/detail, and with my OK) is worth 1% of the XP total to the next level per page for that player’s PC. For example, at level 1, an Wiki page is worth 10 XP. Limit: Five Wiki pages per level.1

1 I don’t like putting a limit on this, as I don’t want players to stop writing because they already got their maximum bonus, but on the other hand, removing the cap makes it too unfair for players who don’t have time or interest in writing.

Notices and Reminders

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