Minor NPCs

This is a list of briefly-encountered, named non-player characters.

Note — Please sort alphabetically by first name.

Luthien’s Guild Members

  • Azura Rowyn — See here.
  • Daryn Erisele — A middle-aged human male, and the Guildmaster of Luthien’s Golden Leaves adventuring guild. It is not readily apparent whether or not he is only in charge of the Arislen chapter or if he oversees the entire operation.
  • Evera Garrenal — A young female half-elf, and one of the guild’s resident clerics. She worships Avandra, and tried to help the PCs with Lam’s odd behaviors.
  • Gurras Plinth — The guildmaster of the Harkdon branch of Luthien’s. A tall, middle-aged dwarf.
  • Jax Urgg — The quartermaster for the guild, he is a large orc with dark yellow eyes, with a scar running over the left one. Part of his right ear is missing.
  • Maggie — So far, she seems to be the only other halfling who is a member of Luthien’s Golden Leaves. Spoke with Bree about clothiers in Arislen after noticing Bree’s pretty new dress from the Spring Faire.
  • Rigog of the Shadowed Hills — A scholarly hobgoblin bard. Gave the PCs advice on The Race and cast a Magic Circle ritual for them when Lam was being compelled.

Friendly NPCs of Some Significance

Other NPCs

  • Allyria Rilyeon — An eladrin living in the noble district of Arislen, she owns a menagerie of uncommon creatures.
  • Garron — A male half-orc blacksmith who lives in a small village just east of the city of Arislen. He loaned the PCs his cart and mule so they could attract the attention of some local bandits.
  • Hoggle — A goblin smith originally from Faerie. He served as a guide and aide in the town of Wargone.
  • Lord Larien and Mariee — A landed noble lord of Arislen and his daughter. His estate covers a sizable amount of land south of the city and just north of the forest. Hired Luthien’s Golden Leaves to recover Mariee, and permitted the PCs to investigate an ancient tower ruin on the border of his lands.
  • Mary — A young human serving girl at the alehouse in the village outside Arislen. Daughter of Henry and Rebecka, who own the small establishment.
  • Sylen Silverleaf — See here.

Hostile NPCs

Minor NPCs

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