Luthien's Golden Leaves

Luthien’s is a well-known adventuring guild based in the city of Arislen. 1

The guild has been in the city for quite some time, and has branches and outposts in Corydon, Harkdon, and a few large villages in the Vale.

Their guild hall is one of the largest in Arislen.


Guild members are recognizable by a gold leaf pin in the shape of an oak leaf.

Gold oak leaf2

Other Facts and Notes
  • The Guildmaster of Luthien’s is a human named Daryn.
  • After recruiting Lam, they put him to work recruiting at the Spring Faire, where he met Bree, Talendil, and Mara-kai and brought them into the guild.
  • They are one of three guilds that participate in the annual Race across the city.

1 Note — This guild’s name was decided upon by our players.

2 Note — Oak leaf image via this site.

3 Note — Merchant Adventurers’ Guild Hall image via this site.

Luthien's Golden Leaves

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