House Dreschyll

The members of House Dreschyll:
Lord Anvarin “The Anvil” Dreschyll (father, 179 years old)
Lady Siléstryn Dreschyll (mother, 149 years old)
Anvarel “The Hammer” Dreschyll (son, 101 years old)
Anvaris “The Tongs” Dreschyll (son, 101 years old)
Anvareth “The Bellows” Dreschyll (son, 101 years old)
Dorean Dreschyll (daughter, 72 years old)
Blevyn Dreschyll (son, 59 years old)
Illysandra Dreschyll (daughter, 22 years old)

Lord Anvarin’s father died very young, leaving him to run the family business as a newlywed to Siléstryn of House Ravaresh, sister to the Winter King Hargir. Lady Siléstryn was with child very quickly and they were blessed with triplets: three strong boys who learned the craft and trade of House Dreschyll almost as soon as they could walk. Anvarin’s sense of duty and his steadfast dependability earned him the nickname “The Anvil”.

The triplets, all sweat and sinew, would often draw a crowd when working in the family forge. Each of them also gained nicknames related to their occupations, but not for obvious reasons. Anvarel earned the name “The Hammer” for his tendency to get into, and win, drunken brawls; Anvaris, the ladies’ man, became known as “The Tongs” for the way he would gently manipulate men’s daughters to get what he desired without marring their delicate sensibilities; and Anvareth “The Bellows” had an unmistakable singing voice that enraptured many an onlooker while he toiled in the open-air smithy.

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House Dreschyll

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