Not even the halflings themselves can say for sure where their people originated. The elves do not claim them as kin; they are clearly not fae. Yet, their features suggest enough Faerie heritage that many humans think they at least started off in that realm. It is a point of contention that the halflings don’t worry much over.

The people collectively known as halflings have no collective society to speak of. Instead, small enclaves of their kind tend to gather where other communities have been established. When an enclave grows too large, some of its people move on to found a new one. Few are the villages that would turn down a band of halflings looking to re-settle. Their people are, on the whole, friendly, optimistic, and compassionate.

When a band joins a new city or village, they tend to adopt the customs, beliefs, and norms of the society there. When an enclave splinters, they take those customs with them. Thus, a halfling enclave is always a mixture of previous traditions and new culture.

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