In the blink of an eye, chaos finds order. Or at least that’s how it seems from the perspective of a genasi. One moment there is energy, fluid and raw. A catalyst sparks and draws that energy up, out of flux and gathers it, focuses it. The energy is contained within a defined form, and bound by magic. As it coalesces, it gains sentience and awareness. No longer is it unbridled, but now it may direct its newfound will upon the world.

The catalyst is different for each genasi, but it is always relevant to their element. A firesoul genasi may be born out of a raging forest blaze. A aquasoul genasi might spring from a fracturing glacier. A landsoul genasi may rise up out of a rockslide. A watersoul genasi could simply walk out of a strong gale.

Rarely, a spellcaster may attempt to summon one. The ritual is not guaranteed, as genasi are an eccentricity among elementals. The ritual may fail, or it may call forth another, more common elemental being from the Foundation. Even if the ritual is done successfully, there is no guarantee that the genasi will be friendly to the one who created it.

If it is summoned, a genasi will likely take on at least some of the physical characteristics of the summoner. If it is born spontaneously, it may take on any characteristics it chooses within the first few hours of its creation.

Most genasi are at least somewhat free-willed, as a result of their elemental nature. That free-will takes different forms, depending on the element. Land is stubborn. Water is changeable. Air is flighty. Fire is impulsive.

Other Elemental Creatures

All elementals are the product of the raw building blocks of the world being given form and purpose. Their substance comes from the soil beneath your feet, the air you breathe. The energy that gives it a will comes from the Foundation.

An elemental may be free to do as it wishes, as is generally the case with genasi and some golems, but they can also be controlled by powerful magic.


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