The Starlit City, the First City, Corydon was established as a place where the humans, elves, and other people of the Vale could live together and build upon their growing friendship after the events of the Citadel. Unfortunately, though that goal succeeded for some time, as the humans settled in to their new city and the memory of the war faded with their passing generations, conflicts arose anew and with the King’s proclamation of the Threefold Legacy, many elves decided to withdraw to the forests.

Corydon still stands as the center of culture, commerce, and civilization in the Vale, though not everyone agrees with the decrees and laws of the King. The seat of power is passed from father to son, though there have been times when other members of the royal houses have held the seat for varying reasons.

Two major roads lead to and from the city, and each one ties the First City to one of its sister cities of Arislen and Harkdon.

The city sits upon a hill, highly defensible and built with help from the dwarves, elves, drow, and goblins. As a result, in some places it seems like a stew of mixed architecture, but it is also well prepared for most any sort of assault, whether mundane or magical.

Humans make up the majority of the population in the city. The goblin races have homes here, as do halflings and the occasional dwarf or orc. There are virtually no elves in the city, and out of respect for the tension between the King and the elves, very few other seelie fae races choose to live in the city.


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