Among the people of the middle world, the fae have a reputation for being meddlesome, capricious troublemakers. This is an unfair stereotype, but as is often the case, there is a grain of truth in this portrayal. Among all the fae, the changelings are the most brazenly mischievous. Their inherent ability to disguise their true form makes them uniquely capable of causing disorder and confusion.

Not all changelings are so inclined, however, and it is rare to find two changelings who share the same motivations. Some changelings prefer to be helpful, though even their idea of “helping” may be indirect and involve a bit of discord. The goal is more important than the means for many changelings. Occasionally, two (or more) changelings may even find themselves unknowingly working at cross-purposes, or side-by-side for a common goal.

And make no mistake; the changelings are capable of long-reaching plans. While some enjoy the simple act of stirring the proverbial pot, others brew subtle poisons that may take years to take full effect. Some may pick a single target and work for or against them, while others may have more far and broad-reaching plans.

The changelings’ own villages in Faerie are, according to those who have bravely ventured there and returned, models of anarchy. They may make a pretense of order, but beneath it lies volatile whims.

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