Basic House Rules

Notes from the DM’s Desk1

I appreciate the enthusiasm with which you all jumped into character creation, and the willingness with which you’ve all bought in on my game world.

In return, I want to give you all a bit of say-so in building the world, especially as it affects your characters, in order to tell a more interesting story. I will reserve final veto power to make sure things don’t get too wonky. There are a few things that I want to establish as non-negotiable though, as follows:

  • I reserve the right to alter this list whenever and however I see fit.
  • To quote T-Bird from The Crow, “This is the really real world. There ain’t no comin’ back.” That is to say, the Raise Dead ritual is not available at your street-corner temple. In fact, it’s not available anywhere. Bringing someone back from death requires more than gold, candles, and incense; it requires a quest on behalf of the deceased, or directly petitioning the gods. Or both. You must make the Corydon equivalent of the journey into the realm of Hades, pay Charon for passage on the River Styx, and bring them back yourself.
  • I know some of you picked up Healing Potions as part of your starting gear. That’s fine, but there are no soda machines waiting to vend potions at the local tavern, either. Potions (and alchemical items in general) are more common than magic items, but they’re not easily acquirable by Joe Peasant on the street. Mostly, alchemists are the retainers of nobles and/or adventuring outfits. You have to go through them, or resort to less honest means.
  • No sunrods. Period. (Everburning Torches are okay, though rare, but see the next item.)
  • After character creation, ignore listed costs for items. Prices will vary depending on where you are shopping. Some things will be granted by the guild as part of your adventuring budget, while others may demand a high price from illicit sources. Haggling happens!
  • Any magic items you do find may not be readily identifiable. You’ll figure it out when you put it to its intended use, and Arcana, History, and Religion skill checks may help, too.
  • Anything I’ve written as campaign guide materials (eg. PC questionnaires, class and race documents, etc.) previously is set in stone (probably; I’m open to suggestions). However, you’re welcome to build on it. Especially if it has anything to do with your character. For example, the eladrin society is built around Courts, but Jaron95 has asked to add Westeros-style (A Song of Ice and Fire) houses to that, and I think that’s an awesome idea so I okayed it.

Player Ideas and Suggestions

1 This document exists on Google Docs as a collaboratively edited file where any of the players in this campaign may add their ideas. It will be updated here as it is updated there.

Basic House Rules

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