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Arislen tree

The Fair City, Arislen was founded by the youngest of the old King’s three sons. Its gates stand open to anyone who wishes to make their home there. Most notably, the human rulers of the city maintain an amiable relationship with the elves of the Vale.

The layout of the streets separates the castle and the nobles houses from the rest of the city, and also creates several districts. The districts include the Gardens, the Markets, the Low streets, Halfling town, and the Ring. Within the second wall is the nobles’ district, known as the Ring. Also beyond the wall is Arcanists Row and the Jovis Academy of Spellcraft (named for its founder).

More recently, the city once again finds itself under the rule of the youngest of the Kings of the Vale, Larec Markelhay. He has recently caused a stir among the people of the Vale by being the first of the Kings to become betrothed to an elven bride.

Sites of Interest


  • Avandra
  • Erathis
  • Ioun

Active Cults

  • Corellon
  • Pelor
  • Raven Queen
  • Sehanine
  • Zehir


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