A Brief History of the Humans and Elves

Note — The following is told from the in-world perspective of a human villager in the Vale.

A Brief History, as it is told throughout the villages of the Vale.

The city of Corydon is currently the oldest and most well established in the Vale, where, generations ago, humans arrived on the northern shores. When they began to explore, they found the plains beyond the beaches inhabited predominantly by elves, though over a dozen other races also called the Vale home. The elves were the first to welcome the humans into their villages, and eagerly exchanged knowledge with the newcomers. For a time, the humans lived in peace with the elves and the Vale’s other residents. Unfortunately, there eventually arose a feeling of discontent; some humans felt that the elves were holding things back from them, that they looked down on them and saw them as inferior. These humans rose up and left the plains. They headed north, where they established their own territory, driving out any unwanted creatures. These humans used what the elves and the other races had taught them, and through experimenting, and with the aid of creatures from the lands beyond the Vale, they expanded upon that knowledge. They built a fortress there, upon a hill. The fortress became known as the Citadel. But the humans’ hubris grew too great, and the people of the Vale moved against the humans and their allies in the Citadel. The Citadel fell, and the magic in it washed over the land around it, twisting it.

In the years following, most of the survivors from the Citadel rejoined their kin on the plains and started a new city, Corydon, where all races could gather and share goods and learning. A castle was built, a King was crowned, and under his rule the Vale flourished. The crown passed from one King to another, until one King sired three strong sons. Each son desired the crown as strongly as his brothers, and the King loved his three sons equally. Rather than choose, the King had two new castles built, and gave them to his youngest sons. The crown of Corydon passed to his eldest son, and thus it has been since.

The elves, however, disagreed with the King’s decision. An argument between the King and the elves led to them departing their own ancestral lands, seeking new homes in the forests to the south. Few elves still remain among the plains, and many humans now view them with suspicion.

A Brief History of the Humans and Elves

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