Tag: Harkdon


  • King Faren Markelhay

    Markelhay has a reputation for being fair, though he's often a bit rough around the edges. Otherwise, he's a good politician and takes his duties as the First Lord of Harkdon very seriously. He married his wife, the queen, early in his life and they have …

  • Queen Delana Markelhay

    Despite (or perhaps due to) her upbringing among the finest noble houses in Harkdon, Delana Markelhay is no wilting flower. As the story goes, she was an only child, and quickly caught the eye of then to-be King Faren with her pragmatic attitude and …

  • Storg

    A deadly hunter in the employ of [[:king--faren-markelhay | King Markelhay]] of [[Harkdon | Harkdon]], Storg's history is mostly unknown save that he is clearly a trusted member of the King's court. He helped recover the elemental artifact from the hags …

  • Vulos

    Deep beneath the Royal Keep in [[Harkdon | Harkdon]] there are a series of caverns which house an artifact of elemental earth and the dragon whose life duty it is to guard it. Vulos is the most recent inheritor of this responsibility.