Necklace of Lesser Elemental Summoning (Water)


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Summon Lesser Water Elemental
You call forth a minor aspect of elemental water, keeping it under your control for a short while.

DailyArcane, Summoning
Minor ActionRanged 5

You summon a lesser water elemental in an unoccupied space within range. It is considered an ally to you and your allies.
The lesser water elemental may act independently as long as it is summoned. The lesser water elemental lasts until it drops to 0 hit points, until you dismiss it as a minor action, or until the end of the encounter.

You must spend a minor action each turn to sustain the summoned lesser water elemental. You must have line of effect to the lesser water elemental to sustain it.

Each round, if you do not have line of effect to the lesser water elemental, or you do not spend a minor action to maintain it, you must make a saving throw at the end of your turn; if you fail the saving throw, this effect ends, and the lesser water elemental becomes hostile to all creatures.


Based on what the PCs have seen and discovered about this item, when the user speaks a word of arcane magic while clasping the gem, they call forth a lesser water elemental from the Foundation to do their bidding.

It was taken from one of the bandits (a dwarf) who were causing trouble at a village east of Arislen.

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Necklace of Lesser Elemental Summoning (Water)

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