Restive Star

weapon (melee)

Restive Star is a level 8 +2 Rubicant Longsword.


Allytar family legend has it that, generations ago, this blade was forged from a star that fell from the heavens and landed in Faerie.

The great Volantyr Allytar rode out to greet the fallen star and found naught but a large stone set in the center of a deep crater. He ordered his men to haul the stone back to his smith’s workshop, where it was melted down and crafted into a longsword.

Though the blade served Volantyr well for the rest of his life, there was a constant nagging sense that Faerie was not the intended destination of that fallen star. There was an energy about the metal itself that seemed to tug at whomever was able to bond with the blade, and Volantyr found that he could harness the energy into bursts of magic that could whisk him and his allies away from harm… or pounce onto unsuspecting enemies. The blade was never content to sit still, so Volantyr named it the Restive Star.

Restive Star

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