The Midlands Histories

Tree library
The streets of Mithrendain twist and wind around the buildings of the city like ivy. The house guard assigned to escort Lam and Bree to the library navigated them with ease, taking them to the foot of an immense tree that soared into the canopy above. A branch-like bridge linked that tree to a smaller one, which in turn rose above the buildings surrounding it. The guard entered an arched doorway in the smaller tree, though Lam had fallen back and away when they approached it. Bree followed happily, and could only smile politely when the guard noticed the changeling’s absence. Leaving her with a stern talking to, the guard made his way back out of the library.

Meanwhile, Lam ducked between some buildings and took the visage of one of the eladrin before making his way into the library. Marric Spellblade, who had followed the trio from the tree-tower of House Savorin waited in the street for Lam to return, and found himself waiting for some time.
Eladrin scroll
Bree found a librarian who was able to help her research into the history of the Savorin household and the Winter Court. He guided her to tomes and scrolls heavier and taller than her. With the librarian’s aid, her investigations turned up several interesting facts, including that the Lady of Winter had not yet been crowned, the circumstances surrounding the former Queen’s passing (“food poisoning”), and the fact that her death had not yet been made official by the Winter Court historians.1
Script page
Lam pursued his own agenda, intent on researching the eastern temple, the items he and Talendil had acquired, and Asmodeus. He found Mithrendain’s resources on the history of the Vale frustratingly lacking. Much of their compiled lore came from the elves, before the time of the humans arrival there. When he turned his attention to religion, he also found that rather shallow. The eladrin had much more information on their patron gods than others. He did note Asmodeus elemental influences (fire and earth), however. On the subject of angels, the books told him that such messengers were used by the gods for all sorts of errands and tasks. He also learned that increased sightings of these divine servitors tended to presage significant events.

About the gem he lifted from the bandits, the literature had nothing specific to offer other than to comment on the difficulty of binding elemental beings and that such magic was made easier when using a gemstone and other components associated with each element. Talendil’s cloak, he learned, was an item of eladrin design, the creation of which is a closely guarded secret among the high elves and the possession of which is normally reserved for the nobility of the Courts. 2

Having grown tired of waiting, Marric made his way into the library and spent his time observing Bree. After a time, Lam appeared to her in his normal guise, and the two departed back to the Savorin tower, with Marric following behind.

While they waited on their companions, Talendil and Mara-kai were paid a visit by a very strange eladrin, seeking an audience with Talendil. The elf’s voice did not match his appearance, and once he was allowed inside their room at the tower, he divested himself of his cloak. The glamour faded away, revealing the golden haired eladrin to be a black-and-gold-clad goblin. Their unexpected guest told them that he could help them get away from the tower, and promised to return later after handing them four cloaks identical to his own.

They were also paid a visit by the house guard, still seeking Lam. The guard left more frustrated than he had arrived.

As twilight settled over the city, hours after the arrival of Lam, Bree, and Marric, the goblin returned and was surprised to find a fifth person in the room. Marric assured the goblin that it would not be a problem, but then discovered to his chagrin that his powers of shadow did not work inside the tower. The goblin offered up his own cloak and followed the adventurers out of the room, where the guardsmen lay unconscious. Leading from the rear, he guided them to the outskirts of the city. In a clearing, an eladrin of the Summer Court awaited them with their horses. He offered little explanation as he collected their cloaks (on “loan” from the Spring Court) and saw them on their way.

  • * * * *

Nearly two weeks after their departure, the group found their way back to Arislen and Luthien’s guildhall. Daryn expressed his surprise at their return, though the other guild members greeted them warmly. Lam recommended Marric to the half-elf who oversaw the guild’s more clandestine endeavors, and he was quickly adopted into the guild after a display of his abilities.
Ioun temple
Unsatisfied with their findings in Mithrendain, the group ventured into the noble district to seek out the Vault of Ioun. There, they learned from one of the Archivists that the eastern temple was the site of a great battle, and the seat of power of the gods Asmodeus and Bane during the the peak of the Citadel’s power. When the temple was sealed and cast into the mountainside, many people were trapped inside and thus buried with it. Two archmages from the Arcanaeum in Corydon were primarily responsible for the temple’s fate, though the records in Arislen’s Vault could not offer their destiny after that event. 3

Although they were eager to press on with their inquires, when Daryn asked if they would be remaining in the city, they decided to agree to stay, for the time being, at least.

1 If there’s anything I’m forgetting here, let me know.

2 See footnote 1.

3 See footnote 1.

Quest XP: 0
Encounter XP: 0
Role Playing XP: (A lot.)
Total XP Per PC For This Session: Level 3!
Current Total Shared XP For The Campaign: 2,500
Bonus Individual XP:

Total Treasure For This Session: 16GP, 34SP, 8CP (looted from the unconscious house guards)



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