The Midlands Histories

Mercenaries: Part II

The day began with a sharp knock at the door of the small building the group had spent the night in. The knocking was accompanied by an announcement of a mandatory meeting that would be occurring shortly at the village inn. Neither the rescued villager nor anyone in the party were in any rush to show up, but Lam quickly decided to borrow some of the villager’s clothes and masquerade as one of the locals. The others decided to take advantage of the town being otherwise occupied and used the time to do some quick scouting of the area.

When Lam arrived at the inn’s common room, he found it crowded. On the small stage stood a human, flanked by other mercenaries. Two of them he recognized as the goblin and hobgoblin that were left behind the day before. The human made a brief speech about the fate of the trading post, offering mercy if those responsible turned themselves in and a reward for anyone who could assist in their capture. When nobody immediately stepped up, he went on to announce that everyone in the village would be put to work in rebuilding the post. Those who refused would be given a trip to the gibbet tree. With that, he dismissed the villagers, who left the inn muttering oaths and curses.

One man did not leave immediately, though. Instead, he visited the stage and inquired about what kind of reward would be offered for the arsonists. Lam took note of this.1

Talendil, Mara-kai and Bree had only just begun to explore the village (after waiting for their host to cook breakfast) when a hobgoblin emerged from the same building as the mercenaries they encountered the night before. They ducked down an alley when he started walking in their direction, but it was too late; he had already seen them. He approached them and instructed them to report to the meeting at the inn.

They had no sooner started in that direction (with no actual intention of attending the meeting) that the crowd dispersed into the main street of the village. The trio were approached by an older human villager, who took note of some unfamiliar faces in his town. He introduced himself as an elder of the village, and when the topic of the mercenaries came up, he suggested they retire to a safer location. Lam spotted his companions and followed them as the elder led them to a two-story building further down the street.

Once inside, the elder introduced the three adventurers to the other village elders: another human male, two human females and a dwarf male. They made a case for the removal of the mercenaries, while making it clear that they were powerless to do so. Content Not Found: marric-spellblade and Lam both made their way into the house during the conversation, in their own peculiar ways. Marric introduced himself as an escort of sorts, claiming he had been hired by one interested in Talendil to make sure he arrived safely at his intended destination.

After being promised a share of the mercenaries’ treasure, and learning that the group may be using a magical tome called a journeybook to dissuade any official investigations into the status of the former guard post, the adventurers agreed to see what they could do. A decision was made to wait again until nightfall to act, when the guard would be much reduced.

They moved on the house they had seen the mercenaries going and coming from, managing to subdue the sentry at the front door and make their way inside, where they engaged with two more soldiers before discovering a room with a hidden trap door. Descending into the basement, they discovered the wealth of goods that the mercenaries had procured. While they were searching for the book among the valuables, Bree remained above and spotted more soldiers coming down the stairway. She ran and alerted her companions, and they shut the door to keep them out. They made their way out of a window while something loudly slammed against the door.
A journal
Once outside, Lam asked his wind zephyr familiar to slip back into the house to open a window on the second floor, which they accessed with help from Marric’s grappling hook . On the second floor, the found a large room full of empty cots and a slightly smaller room with a desk. Within the desk they discovered a small journal, though there was still no sign of the journeybook.

There was, however, signs of activity in the streets below. The mercenaries had gathered outside, along with a large group of villagers. The human who had spoken at the meeting that morning demanded they show themselves. So, they did.

Talendil led the way down the stairs, only to find himself on the receiving end of an orcish arrow, which slammed into him and knocked him back on the stairwell as the orc ran outside. He recovered and led the engagement with the mercenaries, while the large group of villagers did their best to try to subdue them.

When the last of the mercenaries fell, Lam “encouraged” the villagers to disperse. Among the fallen soldiers was the goblin they had tied up the day before, on whose person they finally discovered the journeybook. They returned the tome to the village elders, while Lam secured some profits from the treasury.

A good night’s rest later, they resumed their journey eastward…

1 GM’s note: I vaguely recall there being some interaction between Lam and Marric but I don’t remember exactly what was done or said.

Quest XP: 60
Encounter XP: 850
Role Playing XP: 50
Total XP Per PC For This Session: 230
Current Total Shared XP For The Campaign: 1,728
Bonus Individual XP:
Bree: 10XP (PC Portrait.)
Lam: 10XP (PC Portrait.)
Mara-kai: 20 (PC Background.)

Total Treasure For This Session: 100GP


Lam and Marric talked briefly. Lam had assumed the guise of a nondescript townsman and approached Marric. He came on very strong however, lacking much tact and set Marric on edge due to his over-eagerness to help. So Marric agreed he could come along planning to ditch him at the first opportunity. As they left the Inn, Marric and Lam noticed Talendil’s group walking down the street. As Lam’s attention was focused elsewhere, Marric stepped into the shadows and followed the group to their destination, sneaking into the house and awaiting a moment in which to reveal himself to suitable effect.

Mercenaries: Part II

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