The Midlands Histories

Goblins, Dwarves, and Fae

GM’s Note: The title to this Log should be read in the same tone as Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves. You’re welcome.

Several days passed as the adventurers made their way through the eastern countryside. The storm left what roads there were muddied. Brisk Spring winds pushed the clouds in the sky further inland and bent the tall grasses of the plains and low hills. They saw the smoke from the fires of Wargone long before they arrived there, and heard the music of the feasthall as it came into view over the crest of a hill.
Warforged sentry
Standing sentry at the gate were two men with skin of wood and metal. With their halberds crossed over the threshold, one demanded to know the party’s business before they would allow entry to the village. Lam responded first, mentioning commerce. The golems accepted this answer and their weapons parted. Beyond the wall the group found an industrious population of dwarves and goblins. They did not make it halfway through the village before a half-dozen goblins ran up to them and knelt beside Talendil’s horse. One announced that they were honored to have him as a guest, that he was most welcome at their city, and that they were at his service. At Talendil’s direction, the goblins saw to the group’s horses and the lead goblin, who introduced himself as Hoggle, escorted them to the large feasthall where they were served roast boar, potatoes, and mead.
The party spent the day in the town, each finding something to spend their time at. Bree lingered at the large communal forges, where dwarves and goblins alike worked at arms and armors. Her friendly charms coaxed privileged information out of a dwarven smith, who confided in her that the men of wood and metal were given life by infusing their bodies with elementals. Lam browsed the markethall, hawking the mercenary treasures looted from Ilnscrag. Talendil and Mara-kai met with a hobgoblin outrider who said he knew of a tree like the one Millen had described to them back at the trade post.

A stag was brought back by hunters for the evening feast; the bell at the Foreman’s Tower announcing the end to the day’s works. Hoggle shared his pouch of spices with their warmed mead and showed them to the visitor’s hall for the night.

In the morning, they joined the villagers for sausage in the feasthall. Bree joined a group outside when they went to greet miners returning with fresh ore and wood. Alongside the dwarves and goblins were several of the golem men, carrying heavy loads or assisting in pulling carts.
Temple cave
With their fast broken, the adventurers set out northward with their hobgoblin guide. By mid-day they had reached the forested foothills, and shortly thereafter they came upon an ancient oak, with bark the color of dried blood. Beyond the tree, a small cave led deeper into the earth and beyond that a waterfall cascaded over the rocky hillside, feeding a rushing stream.

Talendil paid the hobgoblin, sent him on his way back to Wargone, and the party approached the cave. From the shadows of the cave mouth emerged a goblin woman, clad in robes and eclectic jewelry. Around her neck, a bronze medallion bearing the eye of Ioun swung as she approached the group. “You’re early,” she declared.

Questioning the strange goblin, the adventurers learned the following: the small cave hid the large metal doors to the temple (which bore the symbols of both Bane and Asmodeus), the goblin woman was a seer and magic user from Wargone, in her visions the goblin claims to have seen the group at this location in the future and in her vision the group has more items beyond the cape that Talendil won and the gem that Lam found, that entry to the temple would require obtaining a key, and that there are others who seek entrance to the temple and thus also seek this key. When asked for more information, she told them that they may find more information in places of knowledge and learning. She claimed that the group was not yet ready, and that they should leave and return when they were better prepared for what lay ahead.

As the group made ready to leave, they found a small band of eladrin led by an elf standing near their horses. The elf introduced himself as Sylen, a tracker and emissary in the service of House Savorin. He disclosed that his orders were to escort Talendil and Mara-kai back to Faerie to meet with his employer, but was reluctant to reveal any further information. Despite the group’s misgivings, and a failed arcane volley by Lam, Talendil negotiated an agreement that Lam and Bree would be allowed to come with them if he and the genasi came willingly. With Sylen’s agreement, they embarked on another march of several days into the Fae Woods.
Passing under a gate formed by the entwined branches of two old ash trees, the adventurers found themselves transported to the dreamland realm of the fae. The forest citadel of Mithrendain loomed on the horizon, and within hours they were given lodgings in one of the living tree-towers of the city. They found themselves isolated to one floor of the tower, kept in place by Savorin house guards.
A short time and a fresh change of clothes later, they were led up the tower to a throne room near the top of the tree. At the end of the long hall, a fair-complected eladrin sat on a throne which itself was raised up on a dias. The woman stood as they approached, her silken blue and silver garments and jewelry shimmering in the soft sunlight that filtered in through the high windows.

The Lady of Winter was the title she claimed, wife to the King of Winter, who lost his wife to an illness in the time since Talendil left Faerie. Her demand was simple: that Talendil and Mara-kai were free to return to the middle world, provided they kept out of the way and did not engage in any meddling there. The alternative was to be kept as her permanent “guests” in the tower, until such time she saw fit to reveal her intentions to him.

Talendil opted to begrudgingly agree to the former proposition.

Before returning to their rooms, Bree and Lam asked to be allowed to visit the city. A guard was assigned to them, and with some distraction from the affable halfling, the changeling slipped away to seek out the libraries…

Quest XP: 0
Encounter XP: ???
Role Playing XP: 100
Total XP Per PC For This Session: 294
Current Total Shared XP For The Campaign: 2,022
Bonus Individual XP:

Total Treasure For This Session: 0GP, 1 Scroll of Comprehend Languages



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