The Midlands Histories

Echoes and Whispers

Rested from their long walk back to Lord Larien‘s manor, the party awoke and discussed their next destination. It was settled that they would ride back to Arislen to help Azura return her fallen companions’ belongings and report back to the guild, then ride back to the tower ruins to explore further down the stairwell.

Despite Bree‘s desire to see Lord Larien’s daughter, Marie, to be certain of her well being, the Lord assured Bree that his daughter was fine, and that she was with her mother. He also insisted that her mother did not wish to be disturbed. Bree reluctantly left, though she seemed to still harbor some concerns and doubts.

Sylen found them short miles from the city. He waited for them in the middle of the road on his horse, but despite his hails the adventurers rode around him. He followed close behind them all the way back to Luthien’s guild hall. Talendil brusquely escorted him to the nearest tavern, where he paid a dwarf and a halfling to vacate the corner table. Mara-kai stood watch as the elf explained that he had been sent back to find them by the Lady of Winter, who was due to be married soon, making her the matriarch of the Winter Court. The group’s departure from Mithrendain had not gone unnoticed, and their continued involvement with the guild constituted a violation of the oath Talendil swore to her.

Lam found the trio and, after shifting his appearance, also found a seat within listening distance. Sylen said he wished to be forthright with Talendil, going on to claim he had knowledge of the Lady’s plans: she planned to strike at the middle world, to begin a new era of eladrin involvement outside of the realm of Faerie. His purpose in sharing this information, it turned out, was to request that Talendil not join her in this endeavour. Talendil readily agreed, and posed a request of his own for information on the death of the former Queen of Winter. Sylen provided him with three rumors before departing:

1. The Queen was murdered by the new Lady of Winter.
2. The Queen ran afoul of the Summer or Spring courts.
3. The Queen fell out of the Winter King’s favor.

Returning to the guild hall, they found Bree consoling Azura. Lam discovered that Sylen had visited the guild and suggested to the Daryn that he not be allowed back. He then collected the group’s reward from Jax, which included the original group’s award.
Ivy tower
A brief respite later, they were back on the road, and made good time returning to the tower’s crumbling foundation,which lay surrounded by empty plains.
Spiral staircase
They descended the spiral stairs into the earth, past the miles-long corridor and into a small basement room, which clearly had not seen life in living memory. A quick search revealed the inscriptions of a teleportaion circle carved in the floor. Further searching turned up a hidden door in the wall, but opening it provoked a lingering spirit to attack. The wraith nearly killed Bree, and sank its spectral claws into Talendil and Mara-kai, but the group was able to force the creature of shadow to disperse.
Small wraith
Through the doorway they found a dark hall, and as they neared the end of that hall, arcane runes flashed to life in the ancient stone floor. Glowing blue, they were identified as part of a warding spell, and that each pair would need to be unlocked in a proper order to pass safely. Lam made it halfway through the pairs before he attempted to disarm the wrong rune, causing the remaining symbols to flash red. A moment later, they flickered, then dimmed completely… just long enough for the group to think they had been disarmed before the floor beneath Lam’s feet erupted in magical energy, knocking the entire party off their feet.
Strange statues
Dusting themselves off, they made their way over the cracked rubble of the floor to another door. Beyond this door was an antechamber containing four pedestals and three other doors. Atop the pedestals were statues of strange creatures, with jewels inset in their eyes and other places. Lam immediately set upon one of them, trying to pry a gem out. This served only to awaken the statue, and it climbed down from its pedestal until the group left the room, passing through a doorway left open by someone or something that had long ago smashed the door down.

The room they entered appeared to be some sort of prison, now empty, all the cage doors left hanging open. Among the scattered remains of creatures they were unable to identify was a massive warhammer, with inscriptions in draconic, a rare and nearly dead language. In the corner of the room, Lam found an empty well, tossing a coin down to test its depth. In the room directly across from the prison they found the remains of an arcanist’s laboratory. Stone tables inscribed with runes, damaged alchemical equipment and the fragile remains of books on stone shelves were all that remained. Bree located a magical potion under one of the tables and Mara-kai and Lam argued over a pair of ancient tomes.
Dire rat
When Mara-kai left the laboratory after the argument, she was set upon by a dire rat that had climbed up out of the empty well in the prison room. Returning to warn the rest of the party, the rat followed her as did another of the dog-sized rodents. Neither caused much trouble before the group dispatched them, and then they turned their attentions to the large double-doors in the fourth wall of the antechamber…

Double doors

Quest XP: 75
Encounter XP: 700
Role Playing XP: 150
Total XP Per PC For This Session: 400
Current Total Shared XP For The Campaign: 3,594
Bonus Individual XP:

Treasure and Rewards: 220gp, a Potion of Healing, two very old books written in Draconic, and a old warhammer with inscriptions in Draconic


Stupid Talendil regrets saying so much to Sylen. Oy vey.

Echoes and Whispers

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