The Midlands Histories

A Day Off

After a night of celebration, Talendil, Mara-kai, Bree, and Lam retired back to their lodgings at the Guildhouse. The next day, Daryn’s assistant informed them that they had no assignments and thus had the day off. He suggested that they take the opportunity to explore the city, and while they were at it, they could do him a favor and deliver a package to a friend of his, a stamp and candle maker, near the city gardens. He also noted that a member of the city guard had dropped by early that morning to deliver a reward to Bree for taking action against the thief in the high city during the Race, and to ask that she stop by the Guardhouse as soon as possible.
Arislen gardens 1
With no pressing duties to tend to, the group made their way out into the dirt streets of the low city. A few stray clouds watched them on their quick journey to the gardens, and a cool spring breeze brushed over their faces. The gardens were watched over by a two-story house which, in turn, was watched by two private guardsmen standing near the front door. Stopping at an iron gate that surrounded the house’s courtyard, they called to the guardsmen and asked to see the stamp maker, only to be informed that the place they were looking for was a small shop a dozen yards behind them.

They delivered the package to a friendly, elderly gentleman with a long white beard. Bits of wax stuck in the gray hairs on his chin, he made small talk with the adventurers and pitched his wares until finally Bree purchased a pair of taper candles and they took their leave. Shortly, they arrived at the Guardhouse, nestled against the outside the wall separating Arislen’s high and low cities. There they announced themselves to a bored, young guardsman who handed them over to a senior officer. The officer took Bree down a flight of stairs into the holding cells below the house, where he asked her to identify the thief. She did, and he returned the favor, issuing threats and epithets at her as the officer escorted her away.
Medieval books
The bored guardsman saw them off, lamenting his lot, and once again the group found themselves on the streets of the city. Rather than explore the city as was suggested, though, an alternative was proposed and the four of them made their way back to the Guildhouse, where they spent the afternoon turning the pages of almost every book in the guild’s modest library. Searching for information on Asmodeus, they turned up a remarkable amount of history.

Ages ago, before worship of the tyrannical deity had been outlawed in the cities, even before there existed more than one city in the Vale, temples to the dark god could be found here and there in the countryside, usually in towns where the leadership preferred a strong and unbending rule over its citizens. When the King in Corydon declared that his sons would each inherit their own city, an event known as the Threefold Legacy, the King’s knights and arcanists went out into the valley and rooted out any unwanted influences from the sites of the future cities of Arislen and Harkdon. Temples to Asmodeus and other gods involved with the war of the Citadel were razed or sunk magically into the ground. That was not enough for the three sons, though. When their father passed, they extended the purge to the whole of the Vale.

In one book, they discovered that one such temple to Asmodeus existed in the town that eventually became Arislen. The book also noted the existence of another temple, in the hills to the east of the city, near the Dragon’s Marsh.

That bit of information set them into action. They notified the guildmaster of their intention to journey out of the city on non-guild related business which he responded to by notifying them that should they perish, their belongings would become the property of the guild and their membership payment was non-refundable. He declined to lend them any horses from the guild stables, but did direct them to a ranch outside the city where the guild did regular business.

As they were on their way to the eastern gate, a young human woman claiming to be a member of a small adventuring guild called the Red Wolves stopped them and pleaded with them to consider joining her hall. Reluctantly, they agreed to entertain her request for a short while, and so she eagerly led them down a side- alley, which she described as a “shortcut” to the guildhall. Lam was disinclined to follow suit and instead waited in the street while the other three followed the young woman into a side-door marked by a sign above the frame bearing a crimson wolf. Once inside, they discovered a half-dozen rough-looking men standing around a half-elf, who addressed them and made clear this was, in fact, no adventuring guild.
Red wolf small
He accused them, and Bree in particular, of interfering in his business. He demanded compensation for the inconvenience and the loss of income for her part in apprehending the thief in the high city. Mara-kai spoke up, defending her guildmate and adventuring companion by questioning the man’s logic. He quickly grew tired of arguing, and the exchange of words was swiftly replaced by the exchange of attacks.

While the trio defended themselves against the Red Wolves, Lam was busy investigating the front of the building, which held a leatherworking shop. The store was unattended save for a young apprentice who put up little resistance when the wizard decided to continue his investigation in the back room. The Wolves focused their initial assaults on Bree, but quickly shifted their attention when Mara-kai and Talendil asserted themselves. Mid-way through the fracas, Lam blasted through the wall between the back room of the leather shop and the Wolves’ room. Though his first attempt at joining his comrades resulted in his robes becoming stuck on a shard of splintered wood, the changeling managed to disentangle himself and entered the fray.

The Wolves were defeated, and the group managed to capture the half-elf despite his attempt to escape up a flight of stairs. A quick search of the upstairs area revealed little more than beds and personal belongings. On their way out, they discovered a lever by the door which, when raised, would draw the “guild” sign into the wall above the door. The half-elf and the young woman were handed over to the city guard at the guardhouse, where the thief’s verbal attacks on Bree were quickly silenced as he took note of their captives. Lam once more excused himself from the group to locate Daryn’s half-elf assistant and inform him of the location of the safehouse.

That brief set-back dealt with, the group found their way to the ranch and acquired three good riding horses, and a pony for Bree. With the sun at their backs, they mounted up and set out eastward.

Quest XP: 0
Encounter XP: 82
Role Playing XP: 20
Total XP For This Session: 102
Current Total Shared XP For The Campaign: 891
Bonus Individual XP:
Talendil: 20 (PC Background), 10 (Soda!)
Mara-Kai: 10 (Soda delivery!)
Lam: 10 (Wisely siding with the DM./Pandering.)

Total Treasure For This Session: (Bree’s reward, reward for the “guild” leader.)



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